Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Slut versus Stud?

We all know how society creates a massive double standard when it comes to sex. This is something that goes back to the beginning of civilized cultures. In short, men are studs while women are sluts.

This is the mindset that most people are raised with. To them, there is a difference between the male sexual act versus the female. Naturally, this is insane since the men need to do it with someone. A woman needs to be present if a man is to engage in sexual behavior (omitting masturbation and homosexual relations).

I feel these beliefs are just another form of control. Women are suppose to be pure and virginal. Of course, maintaining this purity until after marriage is crucial. Again, if the same expectation, from societies perspective doesnt hold, is not present for a man, how is he to get laid if all women are pure. It makes no sense.

Porn Stars Vs. Hookers

Here is an interesting illustration of the insanity of society. Have you ever wondered why prostitution is illegal in most states but making porn videos is acceptable? What is the difference? Aren't porn stars trading sex for money? Isn't that exactly what prostitutes do? I challenge anyone to tell me the difference.

In my mind there is no difference. And yes, I understand that the holy rollers out there agree with me on this. Of course, they feel that both are immoral and should be outlawed (one already is). I, on the other hand, believe that it is nobody's business. If someone wants to sell his or her body, that is that individual's choice.


What does any of this have to do with motivation or personal development. Well, my intention here is to point out the hypocrisy that society operates under. Societal conditioning is something that we all suffer from. Breaking free from its bonds is imperative if you are to live a successful life. Nobody ever mastered their life while living in chains placed by another. The sexual belief system is one of the ways the powerful seek to control the masses. They did it for generations.

I operate under the premise that society is selling a myth. What they promote as a path to happiness is not for most people. The average person is living in a manner that is far below his or her potential. Talents that could alter the world are left untapped because people buy into the ideas of others.

What separates me from the personal development experts is that I believe we should use all the desires that are within us. Most will agree that our sexual desires are the strongest that we have. Yet, society, in an effort to maintain decorum, overlooks this. We are expected to suppress these urges. This is ridiculous in my mind. I want to take whatever is within me and use it to my benefit. That is my ultimate goal.

In my book, Sexual Motivation, I spelled out how the sex desire usually is a means to one's destruction. Looking at men like Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford, and now, Tiger Woods, we see how they jeopardized careers and marriages. This tells me we are dealing with a powerful force. What is the potential if we used this force to our benefit instead of destruction? Do you think your life would change?

That is what Sexual Motivation is all about. It is a philosophy based upon the idea that society is way off base when it comes to its outlook on sex. Those who are successful decide to take matters into their own hands. They are the ones capable of breaking free from the herd mentality. The "Elite" choose to live life as they see fit. Succumbing to the desires of others is for fools. At the end of your life, you are the one who is responsible for the journey you traveled. Blaming others will not change anything.

So what is the difference between a slut and a stud? My answer is nothing. And, I applaud both people who are behaving in such a way because they choose to live like that. People are free to engage in their sexual desires as they see fit. I congratulate anyone who breaks away from the herd mentality. That is what Sexual Motivation is all about: FREEDOM.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

How Important Is Freedom?

We are seeing a major political battle brewing in the United States right now. The United States Congress cleared the final hurdle of healthcare reform last night moving the bill to the President's desk for signature. Many believe this was a war waged over healthcare. It was not. Instead, what was at stake is the freedom of every individual in this country.

Basically there are two camps: one who believes that the government is the answer to everything and, the other, which feels that government is a destructive force in people's lives. As a proponent of freedom, you can guess which side of the equation I fall upon.

Republican vs. Democrat

This is not a question of Republican versus Democrat. That is simply how the political lines fell in this argument. The truth is that it really is the powers in Washington versus the rest of us. This healthcare mess is only the latest in a long line of decisions that eroded out rights. Does anyone remember how the Bush Administration used the 9-11 situation to violate our privacy rights? This was a Republican group that felt the need to try to garner power at the expense of our liberties.

As you can imagine, being a writer and promoter of sex based literature, that my viewpoints with the religious right differs greatly. I have no problem with this on either side. If they want to hold views that are in opposition of mine, live and let live is my outlook. However, the problem arises when they try to silence my voice. This is the erosion of my freedom.

Therefore, you need to look at the world around you and ask, how important is freedom in your life? I could care less which side of the health debate you fall upon. Also, what political party you routinely vote for is of no importance either. My focus is how crucial do you feel freedom is in all areas of your life? If you think it something that means little, it is best for you to move to another site. My entire philosophy is based upon the separation from the "herd mentality" and a moving towards a self-proclaimed life.

They Steal Your Beliefs

This actually is not a correct statement for most people. The sad truth is most never take the time to develop their own belief system. They allow those around them to influence what they believe. Evidence of this is the clout the media wields over people's opinions. People are too ignorant to create their own ideas. Instead, they blindly buy into the outlook that they are most exposed to. Watch MSNBC and that puke Olbermann will result in liberal views. Become a Hannity knucklehead and you will lean right. These two individuals make big money because they can influence how people think. That is what draws people back to the networks.

In my book Sexual Motivation, I explained how important it is for you to formulate you own belief system. I referred to the topic of sexuality because it is one of the most powerful desires we have as human beings. However, most people toss away this by adopting the beliefs of what is considered normal. Millions of people struggle to find their path simply because they fall outside the desired norm. Whether you are polyamorous, gay, asexual, or promiscuous, society is against you. They will do whatever is necessary to try to get you to fall in line. Dogma will hound your every turn if you are not careful. This is their power.

I developed a belief system that has freedom at the core. This means that I live my sex life as I see fit. There are many activities that I am into that go contrary to what the typical person beliefs is appropriate. My feeling is the hell with them. I am not trying to control their sex life; they need to stay out of mine.

Of course, this is something that is not only affecting my sexual decisions. The bottom line is I detest anything that infringes upon my freedom, or the freedom of others. I believe that I can live my life as I see fit as long as it doesnt impede anyone else. That is what being an adult is all about. I am entitled to live as a free person as are you. Of course, the powerful detest this outlook.

Another Erosion of Freedoms

Whatever your belief, I will tell you that yesterday's vote was another level of erosion of our freedoms. The government, in it's true form, put out numbers that grossly underestimate the cost of this program. We see it with Medicare, Medicare, and Social Security. Trillions of dollars are owed by the American people because of these programs. Wreckless spending over the last few decades by the elected class (in both parties) put each of us in a hole we never can get out of. And, the American people, in their infinite wisdom, sat by while it happened. Sensible people would have stormed the Capitol last night. But, all is quiet in the streets.

People value security. That is why the political class can get away with their games. They simply offer to make people's lives easier. Of course, this is a crock of shit. Look at life in any Section 8 housing project in any major city. Those people live in a war zone. But they have the security of knowing their housing is paid for.

The "Elite" take a different track. In Sexual Motivation, I am very explicit about the fact that most people cannot handle the ideas contained in that book. Most are too conditioned to behave in ways that follow the herd. They are weak and will always be that way. In the hierarchy of life, they are at the bottom. This is the place they will remain. They are the victims in life. An "Elite" person is never a victim. Anyone who takes this stance deserves everything that he or she gets. Why should anyone worry about stepping on you if you are going to sit back and allow it? Your decision means that is your lot in life.

Make A Choice

You have a choice to make. Each of us only have two doors to pass through. One is labeled "freedom". Passing through this one will offer you an opportunity to live. The other is labeled as "security". This road leads to lifelong bondage. These are the only two choices we really have. Anything else is an illusion.

I will tell you 95% of the people choose "security". It is a myth that they bought into. The truth is that security does not exist when one is dependent. The only true security is found when one opts for freedom. Only free people are secure. They are the ones who retain power over their lives.

For this reason, I detest seeing a decision like last night. The power of Washington grew exponentially. We just took a major step down a slope that we started up dating back to World War II. It is high time people started to decide to be free. If not, bondage is in their future. They fail to see the sign "Welcome to Alcatraz".

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Step On The Bottom

It is a dog-eat-dog world out there. This is a simple fact. No matter how we try to cut it so that life seems comforted, the cold hard reality slaps us in the face. In short, you are the one you are going to have to depend upon.

We are seeing a great debate taking place within the United States about the role of government. Many are tossing the term "nanny state" around. Getting involved in this debate is not something I am going to do. However, it does illustrate how weak most people are.

The Lesson From Katrina

The press loves to toss around accusations about the failings of FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Certainly, there are valid points that are raised. Without rehashing that train wreck, there is something more fundamental about the lesson from Katrina. The press likes to proclaim how people who depended upon the government were harmed because of FEMA's failures. Dependence upon the government cost these people.

However, there is another group who depended upon the government: the roughly 1,500 people who died. These are the poster children for what happens when one depends upon others. Their faith in the grand power of the government to save them ultimately cost them. The dogma spewed by politicians seeking power lead people down the path to death. They are dead today because they were broken and weak.

Does all this sound to cold for you? Well it should because the world is a cold harsh place. Anyone who buys into the polyanna dogma that offered is a fool waiting to be had. Reliance upon another cedes power over to them. It makes one weak and vulnerable. Those who do so willing are setting themselves up to be walked upon. Nature dictates that, not me.

Katrina was a powerful category 4 hurricane. At times while out in the Gulf, it hit category 5 status. This particular storm was the size of Texas spanning over 500 miles across. Unlike earthquakes which happen without much warning, a hurricane gives one plenty of time. These people knew it was coming.

And what did they do? They sat there while the ignorant leaders they elected failed to take action. Now, I must state that since I live in Florida, we have some idea what these forces of nature are all about. We understand that a category 1 is nothing more than a summer storm. Get your garbage cans in and don't worry about it. As for a category 4, there is only one solution: get the hell out of the way. Do whatever is necessary to get away from that thing. It will kill you if given a chance. Ask any Floridian about this and you will find the same answer.

Most did not die in New Orleans from Katrina. Why is that? Because some used their intelligence to realize that perhaps they ought to take care of themselves. Dependence upon another (whether person or institution) during a crisis is foolish. When your ass is on the line, take action. It is that simple. Dependence can kill you.

But The Poor

Many want to counter the notion I presented with the fact that many of these people were poor. They simple did not have the resources to protect themselves by getting out of town. This is a typical response for the proponent of weakness. There is always an excuse to justify their senseless catering to these type of people. The bottom line is these people should gone to any length to save themselves. If need be, steal a bus. Do whatever is necessary to save yourself.

The truth of the matter is these people were not conditioned to think this way. They had a dependent mindset. The poor in this country is weak. That is not true around the world. Many countries see their poverty stricken fight to live on a daily basis. Each day is a struggle to survive. Not here. Our social programs remove that dire consequence. Instead, we have 2nd and 3rd generation welfare recipients who lack the ability to excel in life. The poor are glorified slaves. Nothing more.

Society likes the dogma of equality. It is a myth but one that is sold as realistic by all the do-gooders. Of course, Katrina showed that nature knows the truth. There is no such thing as equality. Trying to "level the playing field" only creates mediocrity. Every culture throughout the ages has seen those who are strong excel. There are "Elite" in every nation. At the same time, there are also pawns who are used by the powerful. The question is "which one are you going to be".

Changing The Course

In my book Sexual Motivation, I write about the need to tap into that power that is within all of us to move ourselves from the present situation we currently reside. Along these lines, I make reference to the hierarchy that exists within society. If you are to alter you life, you need to do those things which will move you up the ladder. Applying your sexual desires to motivate yourself will lead you to success.

One of the first things you can do to change you position is to realize that most people will do nothing to better themselves. They are of the same mindset of those who died in Katrina. They are so ingrained in dependency that they cannot even save their own lives. Mediocrity is a step up for many people. They exist only to die. That is the story of their life. In between, they do little that makes an impact on anything. The years pass by with continued complaining and bitching about everyone else. Ultimately, their loss is their own making. But these people will never understand that.

The "Elite" view things in a much different light. They understand the mindset of most and take action to separate themselves from the pack. These people use the masses for their own ends. Success if not create in a vacuum. Along the way, you will need the assistance of others. Some do it willingly while others are unknowing pawns. They key is to tap into both to maximize your progress.

The bleeding hearts like to refer to the usury practices of business owners. They sling accusations about being greedy and taking advantage of people who work for them. However, this shows the ignorance of most people. Anyone who works for another does so willingly. He or she trades time for money. That is how it works. Put in 40 (or 80) hours and get a check. You are entitled to wages, not profits (I understand that some companies have profit sharing; that is a different subject). The business owner is the one who profits (or loses). When a business is highly successful, a business owner can make a substantial amount of money.

Many feel this owner has an obligation to share with those who work for him or her. That is untrue. The deal was that an employee would get a paycheck for his/her time. As long as that agreement is fulfilled, an owner has no other obligation. If an employee does not like that, he or she is free to seek work elsewhere. There are no slavery clauses in any employment contract. Anyone can up and quit without reason.

Many see unfairness in this system. What I see is a system that is natural. The people who agree to the employment terms deserve to get stepped upon. They are at the bottom of the food chain. Those who move up the hierarchy know that they are responsible for the choices they make. When one is willing to make the trade of time for money, that is a person who can be leveraged for personal gain. Trying to deny this fact is foolish.

Understand this concept if you want to alter your life. There are many who are around you who will never amount to anything. Now, I am not saying they are not nice people or that they dont have wonderful hearts. That is all probably true. However, the fact is that most of society falls at a place on the hierarchy where they allows others to leverage them for their benefit. Someone is already doing it. In fact, it is being done to you also. The difference is you are now aware of what is happening.

It is a dog-eat-dog world out there. Resist the temptation to buy into anything that tells you otherwise. Only the weak depend upon something outside of them for their success. You are here to forge your own path. Start moving your way up the hierarchy. If not, someone else will be stepping on you.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Freedom Is Your Choosing

Exercising freedom is your choice. Each day, we all are confronted with decisions. In fact, our day is nothing more than a series of choices that are strung together. What we decide in each of these situations determines the quality of our lives. Therefore, there is nobody to blame for the situations that we find ourselves in. Everything we experience in life is done so at our own choosing.

Of course, this sounds ridiculous to you. This is how you are trained. Blame is something that we excel at. It is far easier to point the finger at someone else and proclaim them responsible for our woes. Sadly, this is incorrect. No matter what the circumstances, we made a decisions somewhere along the line to put ourselves in that situation. Again, that means it is our fault for whatever we experience.

Bondage or Freedom

Most people have the choice whether they experience bondage or freedom. This is something that we choose to do. Once again, since we are the one who makes the decisions in our lives, we are the ones who ultimately select the outcome. If you do not like the results you created thus far, it is time to make different decisions. That is what personal development is all about.

Addicts know what it is like to live in bondage. Anyone who has battled drugs or alcohol (or any addiction for that matter), knows the internal pain associated with trying to quit. At some point in their lives, the substance took control. Thus, freedom of choice was removed. However, those who get clean and sober know that the power of choice is restored. The option of picking up a drink or a drug is up to the person. In short, a person in recovery has a daily choice of living in bondage or freedom. Which is chosen is up to the person.

People who are not addicts also have this same choice. Unfortunately, it is my observation that most opt for the bondage path. They will proclaim themselves free yet lead lives of infantile existence because of fear. Happiness is an illusion for most. Instead of thriving and squeezing all they can out of life, they live the "responsible" way which is code for allowing fear to rule.

It seems like the majority of people want a better life. They are not satisfied with one area or another. Nevertheless, few ever take the action to do something that will make a more than a marginal difference. Fear is the most common jailer and its hold is like a vice. While on one hand they want change, the fear associated with that change is to great. It serves to maintain the status quo. A life ruled by fear is one that will always result in bondage.

Sexual Motivation Is Your Choice

In my book Sexual Motivation, I make the case that sex is the best motivator that humans can tap into. Since I have not heard any of the self-improvement gurus mention this powerful desire, I can only surmise that I am going contrary to the norm by suggesting that each person use sex to motivate him or herself to the highest ends. It is something that is natural within all of us and can be structured so as to empower us. Of course, some de-programming of the societal conditioning is necessary.

Did you realize that what you think about sex is your choice? Few ever take the time to reveal this truth to themselves. In doing so, they blindly accept the premise that society promotes as the norm for sexuality. Did you ever hear that marriage is between a man and a woman? How about the concept that homosexuals are going to burn in hell? Or that sex is something that is meant to express love? All these ideas are commonplace and result in forming the belief system that we carry. However, left unchecked means that someone else is determining how we live.

I am called shallow by many of my critics. They feel there I over simplify what sex is. The idea that sex is something that can be used to motivate oneself (or another) to take action is revolutionary to them. Naturally, it is also immoral and perverted (that is reason enough to check the book out). In the end, their judgments mean nothing to me and I hope the same is true for you. I lead my life how I see fit. They can push their dogma and morays on someone else.

Choosing what you think about sex is one of the most freeing actions you can take. Society is going to control you through your sexual belief system if you allow it. This is something that has occurred for the last couple thousand years. Whenever anyone succumbs to the beliefs of another, they are selecting to live in bondage. People who opt for freedom question what their beliefs are. This is how one retains power.

Check out the ideas contained in Sexual Motivation. I am sure it will be a revolutionary shift for you. The dogma that is commonly promoted does not lead to freedom. The goal is always bondage. Choose to live freely. Question without fear. It is the only true pathway.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sexual Motivation: Money

This post is going to be full of stereotypes. The reason why I believe stereotypes are good examples is because they do reflect reality to a certain degree. Of course, there are many who fit outside the stereotypical mindset. Nevertheless, for a large percentage of the population, a stereotype can be accurate. My intention here is to emphasize those that are appropriate for motivation.

There is an old saying: marry the first time for love and the second time for money. Have you ever pondered what this statement really means? To me, it shows the fallacy for many behind the connotation of making a lifelong commitment for love. Since the divorce rate is over 50%, many are finding that this single event can lead to financial ruin. Falling in love and run off with someone "to live happily ever after" is not the norm anymore. Hence, people take a different approach the second time around.

In my book Sexual Motivation, I explain some of the reasons for marriage throughout the ages. Many today would claim that a woman marrying just for money is nothing more than a golddigger. She is considered by society to be a slut, selling her body for money. The common viewpoint is she is nothing more than a whore. Even those who are not so judgmental will call her "shallow". This is what people are conditioned to believe.

Arranged Marriages

Most of history saw marriage used in a different way. Instead of leaving the choice to some starstruck lovers, families often arranged the marriages for their children. This was done in an effort to preserve the family lineage while gaining some political or economic assets. In short, people married for money whether it was to gain it or preserve it.

The odd fact about this is that the arranging of marriages was not done among the common folk. It was the royalty and upper echelon of society. The "Elite" were the ones interested in using marriage for gain. These were the ones who had a vested interest. Those who were middle to lower class were afforded the opportunity to pursue love; they had few assets to consider.

Were women under this system considered whores or sluts. Certainly not. The truth is that people have historically married for reasons other than love. Man's history is littered with times of uncertainty and peril. Often people sought out security as a means of stabilizing their lives. Marriage was a mechanism that offered a ways towards a more stable life.

The Western Culture witnessed something similar throughout its history. While not having arranged marriages, this vehicle was used by many as a path to stability. This is evident when you look at life before the equal rights movement. Women, in the early centuries of this country, were taught that their role was to become a mother and housewife. For this reason, they were not afforded the education and opportunities to pursue a career. Hence, their standard of living was dependent upon someone else. They had little input into their upward mobility.

Perhaps this is where the "golddigger" mentality came from. Women were forced to chase after some of the "Elite" if they had any chance of advancing up societies hierarchy. Of course, the families (and deserving candidates) felt the intrusion when someone "not worthy" tried to catch a well off beau. Instantly, the girl was discredited in an effort to get her to leave. Again, the hierarchy has to be preserved in their opinion.

How Things Do Not Change

The above instances seem archaic and backwater. But, are they really so out of date? Do we not see this behavior exemplified today through the Western Cultures? I cite the example of Donald Trump in my book. Do you think he would approve of one of his children marrying an unemployed steel worker? My belief is that would not go over so well. Obviously, he has higher aspirations for his children.

The hierarchy still exists. Those who are in the "Elite" class seek to keep those who are out. At the same time, those who are lower on the rung are seeking to move upwards. Marriage is still a quick way to get there. In fact, it is one of the fastest and proven methods to alter your social/economic class. While society puts labels people who choose this path, there are many still seeking it.

What does this mean for us looking to use this information to our advantage? Knowing that there is a multi-generational concept in operation allows us to develop a strategy that will attract what we need. However, it will require indulging in the stereotype which, as we see, has validity.


In Sexual Motivation, I mention how sports car help to prove the stereotype of money for sex exists. Consider the reasoning why one buys a sports car. Does this person spend $60,000+ actually receive something that is twice as good as a $30,000 vehicle? Some might try to make the case that he or she does. For the true automotive enthusiast, this might be true. However, for the average person, I believe there is an ulterior motive.

Why does someone drop the big money on a Porsche? Obviously, this is done to show financial wherewithal. Those who buy this automobile are typically middle aged men who have lost a little on the physical end. Of course, cruising around in a vehicle such as this compensates for that loss. People buy Porsches to get laid. Many will claim otherwise but that is the stereotype which I think fits. You see a overweight, middle-aged, bald guy with a hot girl and tell me the Porsche had nothing to do with it. Of course it did. She is seeking financial stability.

Money is a wonderful motivator. One of the keys to success I mention in my book, is financial. Society rates those who achieve economic success highly. Since that is the case, one can use sexual motivation to attain this end. Self-motivation is what separates those who do from those who wish. Taking action is what makes the difference.

If you are a male, what is your motivation? Simply, you want to get the "golddigger". Now, before jumping off the deep end, I will say there is a difference between being motivated by this end and actually doing it. When you achieve the financial success you desire, who you choose to be with is up to you. You can seek out the girl who wants love, romance, and a deep connection while caring little about money. However, from a motivational standpoint, put yourself in a position to attract the hot girl who is simply looking for the easy ride. This is where we want to get ourselves to take action.

I am a firm believer that sex is one of the most powerful motivators that human have to access. We will do all kinds of crazy things for it. The time has come to start using this power for a productive end. The link between financial success (money) and sex is clear. If you want to get some of the "Elite" sexually, you need to be able to walk in those circles. Money is the mechanism that will attract them. Supermodels are drawn to the rich and powerful. Motivate yourself with the image of attracting one of these people. It is a basic fact that more money means having a wider array of people to have sex with. Use this idea to motivate yourself to the highest financial ends.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Being True To Oneself

Have you ever read the conflict that one who is gay goes through internally when trying to determine which sexual avenue to pursue? Here is an individual who has an internal yearning one way yet societal conditioning is pushing him or her another way. Many are confronted with similar experiences when deciding whether to pursue an alternative lifestyle.

Over the last few days, I have challenged each of you to determine how you would like your sexual life to be. Most have never undertaken this exercise. Instead, they fall prey to the conditioning that is placed upon them. Whatever is considered 'normal' is the avenue followed. This takes place in bedrooms all over the world every night.

Are you one of those people who craves something different? If you are, I highly suggest looking at this aspect of your life to take some proactive control. Since sex is so personal and highly charged, anyone who is able to exert control in that area assumes power over so many others. This is something that dogma has done for centuries. Breaking free of this is the first step to freedom.

Being True To Oneself

Determining what one wants in life is only part of the battle. Many seem to feel that the most difficult part of the process is in the choosing. This is not the case. What gets really hard is to remain true to that decision. It is only after making this choice that one truly understands the power behind the social conditioning. In addition, one begin to see all the ways that society attempts to sway a person.

The example of the homosexual epitomizes how influential society can be against any alternative lifestyle. A person who chooses to follow this path is ostracized and demonized by religious institutions. He or she is labeled as immoral while being told that hell is the foregone conclusion. Another factor is that homosexual intercourse is illegal in a number of states since sodomy is outlawed. Our gay friend is now risking imprisonment for his choices. At the same time, everywhere one turns there are images of the family unit since this is what the mainstream promotes. Obviously, this brings up another issue since gay marriage is currently banned. Therefore, the family unit is reserved only for those who fit a particular model.

In the face of all these pressures, it is easy to see why one would question his or her choice. Naturally, for many, since it is an issue of sexual orientation, homosexuality is something that one does not waver upon. However, the same cannot be said for polyamory, BDSM, or swinging. These are all lifestyle choices that people make without the biological incentive to be that way. They are also decisions that society will do everything it can to demean and belittle. This is where the questioning can enter into the picture.

Is it worth it? If one carefully thought out the decisions, I can attest that it certainly is. Remaining true to one's inner core is the most difficult part of this process. To thy own self be true. The desire to rescind one's decision can hit at odd times. Probably the most trying time is when one meets someone outside the lifestyle. This is commonly when one will begin to question they way he or she choose. Perhaps happiness is possible in the traditional is the overriding thought. Of course, a review of one's personal history might reveal the fallacy behind this mindset. Most chose an alternative lifestyle since the traditional was not working. Reverting back will only lead to more of the same.

Being true to oneself is the only path to success and happiness. We all have an internal calling that will make us happy. Life is not a 'one size fits all' deal. Each of us is responsible for finding our own way. What we uncover reveals what is true for us. Going contrary to this insight, while perhaps unpopular, is not the path we need to pursue. Let your internal barometer be your guide. It will not let you down.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Core: Sexual Freedom

Do you crave being free? Is freedom something that you hold extremely dear? If so, I would suggest that you look at your sexual practices to determine how much freedom you really have. I say this because I am a believer that the sexual desire is one of the most powerful that we have as human beings. However, society has a way of conditioning us into behaving in ways that it deems appropriate.

Alternative lifestyles have always existed on the fringe. However, when enough people start to buy into the concepts, even if they aren't practitioners themselves, that way of life becomes more mainstream. A classic example of this is the gay struggle and how it has moved into societal acceptability. While not perfect, I would say that being gay lacks the stigma it had 40 years ago. It is a movement that garnered the attention of the masses and have attained mainstream acceptability.

The same is not true for many other lifestyle choices. We all know the attacks the Morons and other polygamous people endure. Their preference for multiple wives is disregarded by society as perverted and immoral. In fact, the secular belief has made it illegal to practice this way of life.

Nudists also face the same circumstances. Even though we enter into this world without a stitch of clothing on us, anyone about the age of toddler faces consequences if he or she chooses to get back to this natural state. The absurdity of the Gestapo idea has gone so far as to arrest people for being naked in their own homes. This is complete insanity. But, just another example of how freedom is removed by those who seek to control.

Make no mistake, the state exists for one purpose: to control. Every governmental mechanism, no matter what form it is, uses laws to prohibit behavior. It also wields it power to make the people behave in certain ways. This is true going back to the days of Caesar. Consider that the next time you hear that the government (and politicians) are here to help.

Sexual Control

Taking control of your sexual activities is one of the main methods that organizations place your under their power. Again, this is something that occurred over the last few thousand years. Sex, an act that is totally natural, is promoted as something that is dirty, perverted, and bad. Dogma and laws have followed this course forever.

Let me ask you: why, in the United States, is sodomy illegal in many states? By the same token, why is oral sex illegal in still other ones? What business is it of the government, or anyone else, what two adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom? The logical answer is that it is no one's business. But controlling the minds and actions of people is not a logical game. This particular mechanism is instilled to alter your behavior while you are in the privacy of your own home. If you will obey when alone, you certainly will fall in line when others are watching. This is their goal. Control the most private act and you control the mind. It is that simple.

Breaking free from the slavery mindset begins with questioning all that is given to you. My suggestion is to always start with sex since that is what the powerful always seem to go after. Whether it is the churches or the governments, there is always a force seeking to alter your sexual behavior. Look at all the lessons that you were taught regarding sex and you will see the truth behind this idea.

The Real Deal

The real truth is that freedom means that one can decide whatever he or she wishes. Shaping your sexual life is an important step onto the path of freedom. Resisting the temptation to buy into what society considers normal is something that requires a great deal of courage. Consider the plight of all those gay people who 'came out of the closest'. They endured horrific treatment as a result of their desire to be open and free with their sexual choices. This is just another example that freedom is never free.

My belief is that one can never be free as long as he or she is living a sexual lie. Now, I am not a proponent of the idea that living an alternative lifestyle is the only way to live. Nor do I feel that everyone is cut out for something different from the norm. For many, the life of one man and one woman living in monogamy is ideal . However, for the rest of us, this is fantasy. Personally, I could no more make a traditional relationship work than I could fly to the moon. Both activities require a certain skill set that is foreign to me. I am not cut out for either. Many that I encounter feel the same way.

Being true to oneself is extremely difficult. Making the choice to live your life as you see fit is something that most lack the courage to do. It is far easier to be a law abiding citizen while obeying the prevailing dogma that is preached each Sunday. Naturally, if this is something that you find happiness in, then by all means do it. However, if you adhered to what you were taught yet still find yourself lacking the peace and contentment that you should have, I would suggest seriously looking at the path your choose. Perhaps it is time to alter your journey.

I am a proponent of being proactive in your life. Too many, by default, are reactive. By questioning what your belief system is, you are beginning to take control of what occurs in your life. Your belief system determines how your mind processes the world around you. Changing the barometer of how things occur in your head changes your world. Happiness is a choice. However, I found it impossible to be happy when I was living in the bondage of the ideas of others. Fundamentally, until I consciously chose to breakaway, I was going to suffer. It is only after seriously looking at my sexual/romantic/intimate activities did I begin to understand how freedom was acquired. I urge you to do the same. Sexual freedom is the core to freedom in life. Begin today of getting out of the bondage.

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